Morality and Human Sexuality By Vincent C. Punzo

In the reading Punzo said something that caught my attention rapidly. He says, “The question is of utmost significance in that one’s view of the morality of premarital intercourse seems to depend on the significance that one gives to the sexual encounter in human life” (124.1.).  I kinda understand what he is trying to say but at the same time I feel some sort of confusion. I think he is trying to say that most believe that it is moral to have sex before marriage or anything else. I think he thinks that it has to do with the moral values of who the person is. Some people may choose to have sex before marriage or whenever they want to. Punzo makes the inference that he believes that there should be some sort of commitment in other words that if the couple is married or they are in preparation of getting married that there isn’t any harm done if they do have sex.

For me personally, I would wait till I get married. I believe it is better because your saving something precious to that one person. I think it is better to save it to that one person because in a way you are showing them that they are valuable to you just like sex is. I think that in today’s society not a lot of people tend to value sex and the person they are having it with. Most of the time sex has been done for pleasure and that’s it. Now a days it seems that sex has been done with no feeling within each other. I think we shouldn’t have sex before marriage unless there is arrangements of marriage being done at the moment. I just think that casual sex isn’t good and it shouldn’t be done.


2 thoughts on “Morality and Human Sexuality By Vincent C. Punzo

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  2. I also agree what you argue in your blog that it’s about the person’s morals and giving yourself to someone is very valuable as well

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